News: Treatment Through Gymnastic Exercises

Arm movements have a certain effect on all your organs and on your will. Let’s say that sometimes you are excited. Do the following exercise with your hands: Put your hands in front of your chest, then up and away from the body on both sides, making slight wrist movements. Then put your hands in front of your mouth. By doing this exercise for 3-4 times and think on the three words, your discomfort will pass. This is a psychological treatment Viagra Australia, psychological ventilation in man. You shall pronounce the words love, joy and gaiety. You shall have these words as keys.

The left hand is to be put freely on the knee. The right arm is to be raised up and away from the side of the body, horizontally, then forward, up, back in a circle, and down. That rotation of the arm is repeated several times. The same thing is to be done with the left arm and then with both arms together. Arms stop horizontally and go down.

This exercise is to be done during the week, in cases, when thoughts and feelings muddle up. When your thoughts muddle up, do the exercise only with your right hand, and when the feelings muddle up, do the exercise only with your left hand.

Arms up, well strained, end of fingers of both hands touched. Concentrate your mind and direct mentally the solar energy to pass through your hands, to flow throughout your body. At this position of the hands, say the formula: a�?I am in harmony with the animated Nature. Let Goda��s goodwill flow through me!” Take hands down.

Left arm up, the right one – down. Try mentally to perceive the two flows. With your right arm you will perceive the flow from the Earth, and with the left one -the flow from the Sun. Remain in this position for 3 minutes. Try to feel the effect of flows along your arms.

Right arm up, left one – down, squatting, the fingers of the left hand touch the earth while you are saying the words: a�?I am connecting to the center of the Earth and evil, through my left arm, goes into that center.” While getting up, your right arm remains up, and the left one – down, while you are saying the words: a�?I am connected to all intelligent powers, to all rational beings, Divine beings, as well as to God and let the Divine energy pass through my entire body.a��’ The squatting and the formula are to be repeated three times.

Formulas are to be pronounced mentally and with awe in the soul.

When a person gets into bad condition, during which his mind darkens and his feelings roughen, let him do the following exercise: let him put the palms of the hands against each other, ends of fingers touching. The left hand pulls along the palm of the right one to the end of the wrist, then straights in the position of a right angle with the right hand without interrupting the movement. The right hand is to be put on the left one (at that position both hands are horizontal). Now your right hand pulls, slides over the left one to the end of the middle finger. Finally, both hands are put with palms facing each other like at the beginning of the exercise. The same exercise is done with the right hand. If you do this exercise several times, all your bad conditions will disappear.

By giving this exercise, I want to draw attention to the following: slipping, hand raising and putting it over the other must be made without interruption. Nature does not like interruptions. By doing the exercise by changing hands, you polarize.

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