Erectile Dysfunction in Australian Viagra

Now a�� trumpets and drum rolls a�� for Viagra, or sildenafil, the darling of TV and magazine advertising, stockholders and many men. Pharmaceutical giant Pfizer is also undoubtedly orgasmic with Viagra in Sydney about the dollars rolling in. However, whatever one mayere think of the profit motive which is so obviously behind it, Viagra has been a true advance in treating problems of potency, or erectile dysfunction, converting many a three-and-a-half-inch floppy to a hard drive.

Viagra acts in a complex biochemical way to restore the normal physiological response to sexual stimulation. It increases the level of a chemical called cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP), which relaxes the smooth muscle in the walls of the blood vessels in the penis and restores the ability of those blood vessels to fill the spongy cylinders with blood. This is clearly very different from the previously available treatments. With implants or injections, the man was set to go even if he had no compelling interest a�� a hole in a woodpile would do, as they say. With Viagra, if he a�?has a headachea��, his little man will not stand up and beg.

Viagra also has the convenience of being orally administered in an average dose of 50 mg and being available in the bloodstream within an hour after swallowing. It remains active for about three to five hours after this. This means that a man can swallow his pill if things are looking promising, enjoy foreplay and be hot to trot. (With the cost of Subligual Viagra for Sale, though, sex may not be the final note in a pleasant evening a�� it may be the date.) It is interesting that in many countries the relevant committees were very quick to extend prescription coverage to Viagra, whereas many have held out against the birth control Pill for many years, and others took a long while to approve tibolone, a hormone replacement that improves lost libido in older women.

Many scientific studies have been done evaluating such things as visual sexual stimuli (i.e. the Playboy response), and scoring responses by the International Index of Erectile Function. These tests were conducted with several hundred men and did not differentiate between different causes of erectile difficulty. The results have been reported in such distinguished journals as the Lancet of London and the Journal of the American Medical Association. The outcome is that Viagra is significantly better than a placebo in improving the frequency of vaginal penetration, maintenance of the erection, orgasmic satisfaction, satisfaction from the act of intercourse and a�?overall satisfactiona��, according to the men surveyed. (Ita��s not clear what the partners of these men felt about all this; questionnaires were provided for the partners but only 25 per cent filled them out.)